Clearview Digital is now part of ExtensionEngine

June 2013

Clearview Digital, a Boston based web and mobile development firm founded by two local entrepreneurs, has been acquired by ExtensionEngione in preparation for ExtensionEngine's expansion into Southern California. Mike Miklavic (former VP Engineering of Dailybreak) and Brad Durkin (former Lead Designer of Dailybreak) started Clearview Digital back in May, 2012. Their clients include tech companies, consulting shops, and defense contractors. Read more here: BostInno article

Mike Miklavic will be joining ExtensionEngine as Principal and will be opening EE's office in southern California. Prior to Clearview, Mike was the VP of Engineering at Dailybreak (formerly CampusLIVE), an engagement advertising platform that began in the dorms of UMass Amherst. Dailybreak now works with global brands including Proctor and Gamble, Chevy, McDonald's, Bud Light, and many more. Before joining the start up world, Mike was the lead user interface developer on a multi-million dollar web application now being used by the Defense Logistics Agency. Mike is a sustainable energy and electric transport enthusiast and, when he's not working on technology-related projects, can be found training with his dog for the next road race.

Brad Durkin, Clearview Digital's other co-founder will be staying in Boston. He has joined SessionM's product team and will be leveraging his design and development skills to help SessionM continue to expand rapidly. Brad's ability to take an idea from concept to fully functioning user experience has garnished attention in the Boston ecosystem and he is considered a multi-talented developer and designer. As an infantry Marine recently back from Afghanistan, Brad Durkin has acquired the distinctive title of "The Marine Developer", something never before seen in the Boston start-up community. Prior to Clearview, Brad worked alongside Mike as a Designer at Dailybreak where he learned much about building out scalable interfaces.

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